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I am a classically trained professional violist and violinist,  conservatory trained by Juilliard teachers for violin pedagogy, viola, orchestral playing and conducting, and am trained in the classic "Galamian" school of playing.  I am a professional, eclectic player of Viola and Violin, and I play many "styles" of music.
 I hold a Ph.D., in Music, (Comparative Musicology/Music Physics and Applied Analytic Music Theory) with a minor in Viola performance. I have performed publicly since the age of 5, and started music at the age of 18 months. Music enriches our lives in many ways. Sharing my violin or viola music, by performing live events, for everyone, is my passion.
 I have performed extensively in professional symphony orchestras, opera, ballet, and show orchestras, in different chamber music groups, both classical and as a "gig" musician  in the northeastern US and US Mid Atlantic region. I have also taught music at several universities and taught privately for most of my life. I am recently retired from higher education classroom teaching and now can share my performances and love of music as a violin and viola player to and for all and at most any time.  I love sharing my enthusiasm for music and have a lifelong commitment and devotion to music. 
My musical inspiration, playing wise, comes from the passionate playing of the Russian school of violin playing, Klezmer music,  Klezmer violinists, and Gypsy violinists. I am continually inspired and encouraged by my close and very dear friend, my lifelong comrade, professional classical concert violinist and fine art photographer
Alexander M.
When I am not doing music related things, I enjoy spending time with my two beloved dogs, a 12 year Bichon Frise, Smitty, and his little sister, a  2 year old Coton de Tulear, Tzigane (Ziggi). 
My hobbies are Photography, Art/Urban Sketching, vegan cooking, and biking.
 String Duet of Violin and Cello 
The most popular group and the most versatile.  The Cellist with whom I most often perform is my  very good friend, and we have performed together for about 25 years,  though we lead very independent lives as musicians, teachers, and family folk. She holds degrees in music, including studies beyond her Master's degree in Cello performance and also teaches private strings and music part-time at university level.
A String Trio consists of one violin, viola and cello.  We are truly delighted to be offering the Trio again with the addition of our friend and new Violist.   
A String Quartet is a classical ensemble dating back to the early classical period in music and consists of two violins, one viola and one cello. 
This is a very rich and quite elegant sounding ensemble. The standard repertoire for the ensemble is more  classical than the other groups.   We add a second violin player to the trio for this ensemble. This is the most expensive of the groups. We are happy to be able to offer this group again. 
Virginia Cox
Virgiia Cox, Violinist, 5 String Violin