TEACH.   Violin, viola and cello private lessons are available from  highly qualified professional musicians who hold advanced degrees in music. Rates for early 2020 are: 1/2 hour, $30, 45 minutes $45, and hour $60.  We teach all ages and share our love of a passion for music and our instruments.  Our teaching focuses on a holistic approach to the instrument and music.

WHAT WE DO.  With friends perform live, classy and elegant music for you and your guests: competitive fee based performances on location,  for anyone for any occasion. Rates start at about $275  but depend on  the players, location and duration of events. We are non judgmental and perform for anyone, anywhere. 

For weddings, we play 30 minutes of "prelude" music as your guests arrive, which sets a nice ambiance for your special day. Many different styles of music are available from our very large repertoire (song) lists.  We will even get music we do not have in our collection if you ask three weeks in advance.  

If we are playing a WEDDING, we can choose the prelude (pre ceremony) music and for processionals (walk in music) you can choose. Typically the following is possible. 

      If you want, we play special music for Mothers/Grandmothers seatings, if you choose to do this. It's optional.

The Processional of the bridesmaids/or wedding party has their own special music.  The bride/partner,  has a special piece of music.  If you are doing any mid ceremony event, such as lighting a candle, planting a tree, smashing a glass, pouring sand, creating a quick canvas art work, etc., we will play any song you request during this time.  The recessional is the "march out" and is an upbeat piece for the two of you to stroll away to happy land.  We then play one or two postlude (ending) pieces as your guests move to the reception.   Any of these sections  can be modified to suit your requests.  We are happy to play any music you want. 

We can play outside, and have many events outside, however, our very delicate instruments have to be shaded from the sun (the varnish will soften, and possibly melt). We cannot play outside in weather colder than 60 degrees nor in rain (or snow).  It's because of our instruments and it is very difficult to press down steel strings in cold weather. We can play in tents, pavilions,  or shade, or relocate indoors.

When performing, we need armless chairs and an approximate 6x6 foot area out of the way of activity.  If playing for an event, we need to be out of the way of servers, people traffic and entranceways.  

We can accompany a singer or other music person with the rehearsal being directly before the ceremony or occasion.  If the person is an amateur and additional rehearsals are required, there will be additional fees. We would need the music two weeks in advance. 

What we wear: we typically wear our professional "concert black".  We can add colorful tops with the black, or we can dress casual, though we prefer being in black.  It's very elegant. We feel very "diva."

Performances are by contractual agreement.  In order to hold your date you need to sign an agreement and include the required deposit. We do not and cannot perform without the full fee being paid one month in advance.  If you have questions, please ask. The contract will detail the fee, exact location, times, contact person(s) and travel information and specifics about any special music you request..  

There is not a need for us to attend wedding rehearsals.  We are ignored when we do.  If you request someone to be present for a rehearsal there is a $75 fee plus any applicable travel fee,  for doing so.  Hand signals from your designated person, or coordinator,   let us know when to begin or when to change pieces.  It always works.

A musician can meet with you privately, at a mutually convenient time, for an hour fee of $75. 

We will travel to locations approximately 100 miles from our home base 26505. There are travel fees and mileage costs in the quote you will receive. Contact us for quotes. Prices are highly competitive and cheaper than "big city" musicians of similar background.

If you need to change the ensemble or cancel the contract, it must be done in a timely manner. As soon as you decide to cancel with us please let us know by email. 

LATE or LONGER events.  If your event goes over 45 minutes past the contractual scheduled time, additional fees will apply. We are not going to leave a ceremony, but we expect that events start and end on time.  We may have another engagement to get to, at a different location. 

We begin playing 1/2 hour before wedding ceremonies.  For receptions and all other events we will arrive approximately one half hour, if not sooner,  before start time. This will allow us to set up, check sounds, tune, and get things together.  If we perform longer than 90 minutes, we will need a 10 minute break. We are happy to adjust breaks to go with the flow of the event. If we are at a reception or event, if you want to offer to allow us to eat or snack, please let us know.  Making music is hard work.

When we are traveling distances to perform for you, we always allow an extra amount of time in case of "issues" along the interstate highways. We always need a contact person who will be present for the event, in case we are tied up with travel. We will be in contact with you the week before your event, or you are welcome to contact us.

Thank you for reading.  If you have any questions, and surely you will, please contact  us at vivastqt@gmail.com.